Curriculum changes

Looks like a bit of an overhaul in The Hagwon's new year, starting in March. I was helping the other third year kindy teacher design a presentation for our kids' parents on the elementary program, since obviously we want them to send their graduating kindergartners to our elementary program, and there's all sorts of new stuff.

The biggest thing is that we're going to start accepting MWF students (now every student is here M-F). This is a bit of a challenge for the teachers, since we have to get all the important stuff in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and still not get repetitive for the weeklong students on Tuesday or Thursday. So it appears that we're adding social studies and science to our English program.

In some ways, I like this, since it really broadens the kids' vocabularies and their knowledge about the world and the English-speaking world (social studies is often American history and geography), but it does make things things a little more difficult when it comes to preperation. I already do more prep work than most hagwon teachers, because I write Wednesday worksheets and reading comprehension tests for my students. Now I've got to throw social studies and science lessons and homework in there too? Great...

But maybe it'll work out, maybe The Hagwon will pull through with some good materials. Otherwise I'll have to network with some US first and second grade teachers for help, I think. And that's just me with the advanced kids, the teachers for the lower levels will have an even harder time.

Back to work, then taekwondo. Wendesday is such a long day for me...

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janjanmom said...

Thank you for your dedication to teaching!! It is a breath of fresh air to hear a teacher obviously pouring your heart and soul into lesson prep. AWESOME! I did not know it existed outside the homeschool community. ( :

That is tongue-in-cheek, of course. I know there are many good teachers, but they do spend a good deal of time complaining about their students, bosses, tests, etc.