Saturday Links

Video - World on Fire by Sarah McLachlan
I'm sure this has made the blog rounds, but I just discovered it, so if anyone else is behind the curve, here you are. A lovely song and better sentiment.

It isn't bigotry when it's true

A Republican state lawmaker is criticizing Gov. Brian Schweitzer for comments he made to a newspaper here about the lawmaker‘s belief that the planet is not millions of years old.

I've also seen this around, but the stupidity of the "anything I don't agree with is bigotry" worldview astounds me.

Tar Heel Baseball - Fall WS draft
Woodard and Steed arrived with three sheets of paper, one of them meticulously printed on a computer, listing their draft board. The Blue Steel braintrust, meanwhile, decided they needed a piece of paper at 2:17--the draft was slated to begin at 2:15.

This is why I love college baseball, and this team in particular.

Jesus and Mo on atheism
This is rapidly becoming my favorite comic.

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