Weekend Links

Not it! Mass. elementary school bans tag - Yahoo! News
First kickball, now tag...I have studied and understand the need for inclusive and safe games in gym class, but limiting what kids do in free play? If tag is too dangerous, you may as well never let your kid out of the house.

Congressman dies, surviving spouse denied benefits for first time in U.S. history
A bit of politics.

A pretty damn addictive game. I only got to level 6 because I suck, but it's a good game.

After Pat’s Birthday
Via Deadspin. A scathing commentary from Kevin Tillman.

50 States - Presented by Addicting Games
And it is addictive! Try to put state cutouts in their place. I played five times and my best score was 96% with an average error of 4 miles. Part of it's luck of the draw...if you get a lot of border states first you do much better, if your first state is, say, Colorado, it's like impossible to get it exactly right.

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